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Quality Policy

Saltaire Security Ltd is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest degree of quality in all its operations and its provision of services.

Saltaire Security Ltd:

• Is committed to meeting client and customer expectations of performance, quality, integrity and delivery in the application of all its services.

• Aims to fully understand clients’ requirements; provide them with advice and guidance on the extent of service appropriate to their needs and ultimately the services to meet those needs.

• Promotes innovation and continually reviews advances in methods and technology which can bring improvement to its services

• Promotes staff development through skills training.

• Maintains its QMS to align to third party accreditation(s) as guided by the Company Directors and provide a framework to control, monitor and continually improve systems, client and customer services.

• Maintains effective internal and external communication through the dissemination of information

• Measures the attainment of the policy through Quality Objectives (see Clause 4.2.1)

The establishment, maintenance, effective implementation and continued development of a quality management system that meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 2016 and the criteria stated above demonstrate such commitment. The Quality Manual has been developed to record and describe the means and methods of implementing the Company Quality Policy and is the instrument in conjunction with its supporting documentation and IT of the Quality Management System.


Original signed by: Steve Robertson

Managing Director Saltaire Security Ltd

Mission and Quality Statement
Saltaire Security Ltd mission and business strategy is to attract and retain clients by being an industry leader in the standards of services it models and delivers to meet their needs. This includes a commitment by the Company to continuously improve client satisfaction through the development and delivery of innovative and repeatable excellence in service standards.


Company Policies & Standard Operational Procedures