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Emergency Evacuation

If you identify a fire or incident that warrants site evacuation you should:
• Immediately raise the alarm by CALLING 999
• Report the location and the nature of the fire/incident
• Where appropriate operate the nearest alarm
• Seek assistance
• In cases of fire and where it is safe to do so, use the fire extinguishers in the area to extinguish the fire and then if the fire is not immediately extinguished, evacuate the building by the nearest emergency exit and make yourself known to the Fire Officer in Charge

If you hear an alarm:
• Leave the building by the SAFEST EMERGENCY EXIT
• DO NOT DELAY to collect your personal belongings or for any other reason
• Report Immediately to the MUSTER POINT
• DO NOT RE-ENTER THE SITE/BUILDING until instructed it is safe do so by the Fire/Incident Officer in Charge.


Company Policies & Standard Operational Procedures